Did you know that if you have commercial health insurance, and you try to go to an in-network hospital facility to have a surgical procedure they will not allow you to bypass using your insurance and pay cash. Hospitals are contractually bound to insurance companies leaving them unable to release their rates for procedures. These contracts also prevent them from being able to accept cash from an in-network commercial health insurance carrier.

Most people are unaware of what a surgical procedure would cost if they were to pay cash. Have you ever tried to look up the cost of a surgical procedure and were unsuccessful? Even if you were able to find the cost of the procedure, you typically find a wide range of cost, and the cost is inconclusive in that it doesn’t account for incurred operating room expenses. Imagine you have carpal tunnel syndrome and your deductible is $6,000.00. The bundled cash price for a carpal tunnel release at our facility is $2,550.00 including all incurred expenses for the procedure. If you were to go to a hospital for this procedure, you would most likely end up paying at least double that price.

We understand that part of that price you’re paying is for the comfort of care you will receive. That is why we are committed to taking the best care of our patients. Being such a small facility, we are able to treat our patients like family. Lone Star Surgery Center is not contracted with any insurance providers, we make our contracts directly with you, the patient. Our goal is to provide equivalent or better care at a transparent price, which are available to any patients who would prefer to pay out of pocket.