Frequent Ask Questions

What’s included in the price?
If you are a candidate for surgical care, the surgeon’s and anesthesiology fee along with the cost of the facility is included. Basic labs, pathology and pre-surgical screening tests (EKG) are also included if required. The pricing page has a full description of any additional costs which may be required, such as surgical implants including titanium plates and screws, breast and facial implants.
Who will be my surgeon?
A board certified/eligible MD physician. You will meet your surgeon before your surgery and have a consultation. If there is a specific request then we will work to accommodate that request.
What is the quality of care?
All of our medical staff is experienced and committed to excellence in their respective fields. Our facility participates in the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.) a peer reviewed accreditation agency founded in 1979 which promotes voluntary, peer-based, consultative and educational surveys of processes and advanced patient care to reflect cutting-edge ambulatory care practice.
What if it is determined after the consultation process that I am not a surgical candidate?
A $150 consultation fee will be collected. If you are a surgical candidate, this fee is included in the price of the procedure.
Who do I contact for questions?

Call us at 713-360-6857, Email Us, fill out the “Request a Specialist Form” on this website, or directly Email our Medical Director.

How long are price quotes valid?
Quotes are valid for 90 days.
What methods of payment are available? Are there discounts or payment plans?
We accept only upfront payments.

We do carry financing options through Care Credit, otherwise we can accept checks, credit cards and/or international currency when paid 10 days in advance of care.

All payments will be made to:
Jason R. Bailey MD PA

Is overnight care offered?
Typically, overnight care is not necessary, but post-operative stays may be arranged with care of RN or a clinical care partner at a minimal additional cost.
When can I schedule my surgery?
Once the consultation is completed and patient is deemed candidate for surgical care, appropriate paperwork signed and payment rendered, we will work with you to coordinate the schedule of the surgeon, facility and your time as best as possible. Specific surgical dates without flexibility may present challenges, and additional scheduling charges may be required for situations in which the patient has less flexibility and requires a very specific date.
How do I arrive and leave facility?
You may arrive with family, friend, colleague or UBER but you may only leave post surgery with family, friend or colleague. Transportation may be provided by facility to a local Houston location for additional fee. Free convenient adjacent parking is available on site. Person accompanying patient may wait for the surgical procedure, although we cannot guarantee cell phone charger space, or interesting magazines. There are many local restaurants within walking distance and we are able to “text” when surgery is complete.
What is the appropriate clothing for day of surgery?
Please wear clean, comfortable, and easy to remove clothing. You will be asked to change upon arrival into a “gown” and we provide safe lockers for limited personal items. We encourage you to bring as little as possible as patients are forgetful after surgery.
What type of anesthesia is offered?
Certified MD anesthesiologist will provide the appropriate anesthesia from local to “twighlight” to General, all options are available.
Will I have access to my records?
Medical records are available for nominal handling fee once we have received request and release forms have been provided and signed. Pre/Post and surgical photos are not part of the medical record and are generally not provided.
May I keep my lump or tissue that is removed?
Generally speaking we do not dispense tissue to patients for a variety of reasons. Exceptions may be granted.
What should I do after surgery?
Rest at home or a hotel.
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