Lonestar Surgery Center Provides Transparent Surgical Pricing in Houston, TX

Lonestar Surgery Center


1221 Richmond Avenue, Suite 107
Houston, TX 77082

Phone 713-360-6857
Fax 713-583-1113

Email: Info@LonestarSurgeryCtr.com

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Monday – Friday
8am to 5pm


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Commercial health insurance

Did you know that if you have commercial health insurance, and you try to go to an in-network hospital facility to have a surgical procedure they will not allow you to bypass using your insurance and pay cash. Hospitals are contractually bound to insurance companies...

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Welcome to Lone Star Surgery Center

It is with great excitement that we were able to launch our website. We are excited to provide the community with open and transparent healthcare cost. You may be aware of the current national trend focusing on bundling prices. Bundling of prices allows Avant Garde...

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12121 Richmond Avenue, Suite 107
Houston, TX 77082