It is with great excitement that we were able to launch our website. We are excited to provide the community with open and transparent healthcare cost. You may be aware of the current national trend focusing on bundling prices. Bundling of prices allows Avant Garde physician groups, such as ourselves, the opportunity to improve rapport with our patients by providing open and honest communication. In the past, the cost for sustained medical care was variable. Patients were constantly receiving bills for services rendered, and there was never a predetermined end to their financial responsibility.  Our transparent pricing allows us to be upfront with our patients about their treatment plans; and their expected financial obligations that coincide will be provided before we initiate any medical care.This patient to provider trust is the basis of our surgery center. We are glad you have come to our site, and have had a chance to review the multiple services available to you. We at Lone Star Surgery Center strive to offer our patients quality personal care. We have a highly skilled staff that are both licensed and credentialed; and it is our commitment to support the growing trend of transparency in free market choice amongst patients seeking acute surgical care. We appreciate any feedback, and we will respond to any questions you may have promptly. We look forward to serving you here at Lone Star Surgery Center.