As many of you know, pain is almost always guaranteed following surgery. Because there are so many types of pain, it can be very hard to treat. Fortunately, there is a new medication that has recently become commercially available that manages a variety of pain. This medication, known as Exparel, is a non-narcotic slow-release numbing medication. The medication is injection at the surgery site during the procedure, and patients typically experience little to no pain for up to 3 days. This form of treatment typically results in postoperative patients requiring less pain medication. Studies have also found that patients are typically more comfortable and satisfied following their procedure. Decreasing reimbursement rates have forced larger facilities and hospitals to do away with items such as Exparel (high-priced item to keep on hand) despite strong evidence of improved outcomes in patients. Our goal at Lone Star Surgery Center is to promote optimal outcomes while keeping our patient’s happy, and we all agree that a pain free patient is a much happier patient.