Are you wondering what an outpatient surgical center has to offer you? Well, we would love to provide you with a few advantages to receiving surgical care in our outpatient surgical setting. Here at Lone Star Surgery Center we take pride in our ability to customize care for each patient based on their exact needs. Hospitals and other larger facilities have a hard time adjusting to their patient populations, because they’re all so different and they change so frequently. Our patient’s and their needs are our biggest priority. Having one operating room, Lone Star Surgery Center provides each patient the assurance that their well-being is the main focus for everyone involved in their care. This very website also lists transparent pricing for our surgical candidates, and the prices listed are bundled unwavering prices. Our outpatient facility is also able to offer timely scheduling for both procedures and follow-up visits, customized garments, quiet waiting areas for patient’s families, and free parking. We have a very efficient and enthusiastic staff, and we feel that our patients will really appreciate their surgical experience at Lone Star Surgery Center.